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BILL BLOUNT UPDATE – In a small village on the border of Gaza…we were being shown the missle attack area. From this location, you have 15 seconds to get into a shelter. Right after I took this picture, the alarm went off…and we ran to a shelter. The missle hit a house next door! ow.ly/i/6CpM0 See MoreSee Less

3 hours ago

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BILL BLOUNT UPDATE – We went to a village on the border of Gaza. On the way, we passed the Iron Dome. This is a picture of the rocket installation. ow.ly/i/6Cpxy See MoreSee Less

4 hours ago

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On today’s INSIGHT FOR LIVING with Chuck Swindoll, you’ll be reminded that our mistakes and failures don’t have to sink our lives for ever…Tune in to hear Chuck’s message "When The Faithful Fail" this morning at 7. You can also listen online! See MoreSee Less

16 hours ago

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